Game of the week



This weeks game is the Playchoice 10! Similar to a NeoGeo, Nintendo released the PC10 putting the power of the then relatively new Famicom, known in the US as the Nintendo Entertainment System, into the arcade. Controls allow you to select any of 10
available games; we have 10 slots filled in ours: Contra, Double Dragon, 1942, baseball stars, Temco bowl, Super Mario Bros. 3,  Super Mario Bros. 2, TMNT, Ninja Gaiden, and Rescue Rangers!

Even though the games on the Playchoice 10  play the same as the NES cartridges you have at home, The Playchoice 10 games look a bit different.


Some playchoice games



Playchoice 10 games installed on the PCB game board